The Light is re-lit: Keepers of the Dutch Island Light

By Sue Maden and Rosemary Enright John Paul Albert Henry Porter was the first Dutch Island lighthouse keeper appointed under the new Civil Service legislation. He was also the first and only keeper asked to resign for moral turpitude. Porter, the son of a lighthouse keeper, joined the Light House Service at the age ofContinue reading “The Light is re-lit: Keepers of the Dutch Island Light”

From Settlement to World War II

Little “Dutch” Island, comprising 81 acres, is located in the West Passage of Narragansett Bay between Jamestown and Saunderstown, RI. Originally it was called “Quetenis” by the Narragansett Indians who sold it to the Dutch West Indian Company about 1636. The Dutch from New Amsterdam (later New York) used the island as a safe placeContinue reading “From Settlement to World War II”